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Supervised Therapeutic Visitations have become the standard for many divorces, as they are a highly recommended method to allow children and parents, typically in tense circumstances, to spend time together, without the worries of your dear child hearing poisonous thoughts spoken from an unsupervised ex-spouse. These visitations are nearly always Court appointed when children have not seen a parent for a longtime, when their parents have been accused of not being safe around them, or after incidents of abuse or neglect. Divorce matters, and other motives that are brought up in court, may also play a role in the setting.


The Supervising Therapist aims to foster the relationship between the parent and the child therapeutically. Because each case is unique and filled with countless complexities, it can be very challenging to properly entertain these visitations. The difficulties start with a child’s resistance, one whose fear or anger sets the child up into a misguided perspective because of the lack of understanding over what is going on. Often times, the parent, facing the misunderstood reaction the child may have towards them, can lead to another great complexity - dealing with the reality of your divorce. With time and a dedication to education, the process may get better, and Beraja Counseling is here to help you through these tough circumstances. And remember, the child's best interest is always our top priority!

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