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In healthy relationships, both individuals recognize positive, and negative, paths. While certain issues, such as trust, can be overcome, many loving couples see themselves torn apart because they fail to work towards a more trusting environment. Understanding the reciprocal nature of the relationship’s dynamic could help dissolve an issue before it dissolves the relationship. 


    Problems that many couples have cited as reasons their relationship could not survive include:

-addressing financial matters incorrectly, or an empathetically

-a lack of communication, which can confuse you and your partner

-The growing responsibility to new parents of raising kids

-Jealousy, of each other, or of other peoples’ attention


In a marriage or relationship both individuals need to recognize that they are moving towards a positive or negative track. Many couples grow apart,  get stuck with issues they can no longer deal with and slowly drift apart. Recognizng that you have a problem and that you need to get help sooner rather than later isso important to maintain a healthyrelationship. These are many reasons why couples grow apart:

  • financial matters
  • children requiring more time and it affects the couple
  • lack of communication
  • too much travel away from home due to job demand
  • infidelity
  • focusing too much on work and less on the relationship or family
  • lack of a common vision or goal in the relationship
  • depression and anxiety
  • work stress

Begin by making an appointment and working out your issues. You have nothing to loose, and so much to gain!

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