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On March 24, 2016  Gov. Rick Scott signed into law The Collaborative Law Process Act, which officially recognizes the Collaborative Process as an alternative to traditional litigation. The Act recognizes and establishes requirements for the use of the Collaborative  Law Process to negotiate settlements in divorces and paternity cases.


The process is miraculous and a productive option rather than fighting in court. The process is conducted in a private setting, not in court. This process enables a couple to control their future, rather than the decision made by a Judge. If you have children, you are able to craft together a parenting plan that best fits your family. The parenting plan is created by the guidance of the Neutral Mental Health Professional (NMHP) that is part of the Collaborative team of professionals but is not acting as the therapist. The NMHP has experience in the developmental needs of children  but is not conducting therapy during this process. The process is driven by a team composed of highly trained Collaborative professionals; two attorneys, a neutral mental health professional and a neutral financial professional.  


Why fight over your differences and let the children get caught in the middle? Why have  the court determine the future of your family, while you wait for months or years to settle your case? 


The benefits of the Collaborative Process are as follows:

  • Highly trained professionals
  • less litigation
  • less time
  • less money
  • less emotional strain
  • team work approach
  • better co-parenting communication
  • crafting a parenting plan that works best for your children and family


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