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The divorce process is very difficult for an adult, imagine how difficult it can be for children. In order to protect the children from  such a difficult process, children oftentimes need a safe place they can open up and share their feelings. 


The therapy process is crucial before, during and after a divorce. Depending on the age of the child and how the parents are handling their own emotions, will determine the impactt divorce may have on a child. While in therapy, the process of "art therapy", playing games, talking, and building trust, children will be able to express their feelings and begin the journey of healing.


Parents are highly encouraged and invited to join the therapeutic process in order to help their children process any grief issues, anger, resentment and simply talk about what the future will look like, during and after the divorce. 


Parent's willingness to communicate and co-parent will bring peace to the family. Children will understand that although their parents are no longer together living in the same home, the family will always remain intact; with two separate homes.


Children will benefit as follows:

  • Children will learn to share their feelings.
  • Children will learn ways to excel in school even under difficult circumstances.
  • Children will learn they are not to blame for their parents divorce.
  • Children will learn the benenfits of sharing their time with each parent.
  • Children will learn to not be messengers and get "Caught in the Middle". 
  • Children will learn coping mechanism.


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