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    Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual - but it should! With all the ups, downs, and turnarounds we encounter, it can seem an impossible mission to make sense of it all. Feeling like this isn’t uncommon. In fact, today’s atmosphere sees parents seeking counseling to understand their children better and develop better family dynamics; it sees couples seeking perspective on the often confusing lifestyle of love; it sees adults forging a path to take control of their lives and reach their full potential! Beraja Counseling Center is here to help you draw the roadmap to your success in relationships and in life!



    Divorce brings with it all the maladies of fighting - and it brings out the worst in us. As a means to circumvent these negative attributes, a new form of divorce has emerged, collaborative family law. Seeking a framework for overcoming loss and grief, and for paving a path of co-existence are just two of the benefits of collaborative family law. Through emotionally intelligible collaboration, Beraja Counseling Center is here to help both parties succeed through expanded perspectives.

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    When divorce comes-a-knockin’, it’s important to have high-quality oversight. Beraja Counseling Center offers a variety of services to aid in the process such as court appointed guardian ad litem, supervised visitations, reunification therapy, and parenting coordination. Breaking down the complexity of divorce issues into smaller, manageable components, we help you mediate the terms of your divorce.

Beraja Counseling Center was established to help individuals, couples and families reach their maximum potential through counseling, co-parenting skills, parenting coordination, collaborative family divorce and family mediation.

Divorce doesn't have to be about fighting in court. Collaborative Law allows you to stay out of court and divorce in a peaceful, non-litigious manner with a team of trained professionals. 

Couples are constantly needing to invest time in their relationship. Couples/Marriage Counseling is often recommended for continuous success and better communication. 

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